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This Summer’s ‘Take and Read’

July 10, 2009

Many of you are familiar with the components that make up the story of Augustine’s conversion – the profligate living in his younger years, his mother’s faithful intercession, his wrestling with God in the garden, and then hearing a child’s voice chanting “take and read”, at which time we took up the Scriptures lying on a bench nearby and was transformed by the Word of God.

The books I am about to suggest are not Scripture, and should never be used as a substitute for Scripture, but they do carry the life-transforming truth of Scripture in their pages. This is why I feel the freedom to post them under this title. I want this post to be the little child’s voice chanting in the back of your mind, “take and read” – in the confidence that as you do you will encounter God in His transforming truth and beauty. This will be some of the best and most impactful summer reading you will ever do!

1. Adopted for Life by Russell Moore

2. Polishing God’s Monuments by Jim Andrews

3. Why we Love the Church by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck.

You can look a little further down in the blog or on my Goodreads reviews for info on each of these titles.

For those of you with younger children I would also encourage you to add to the list Bruce Ware’s Big Truths for Young Hearts. This book is basically a record of how Ware (a systematic theology prof at Southern Seminary) walked his daughters through the truths of God as he was tucking them in to bed at night! What an example and what a resource for us (who are not systematic theology professors but do have sons and daughters we love to tuck in at night and long to teach the truths of God!) It could be used as part of a home-school curriculum or dinner time devotions as well. I love it for how much I learn from its clear and simple presentation of the greatness of God!


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