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Christ, my Life, my living Flame

April 10, 2011

Christ, my Life, my living Flame,

burning off all guilty shame;

Every blessing found in You,

pollution cleansed, man made new.


Atonement takes sin’s stain away,

just execution granted stay;

New I am, and becoming new,

ever onward, more like You.


Quickening Ray of Spirit’s life,

loving heart replaces strife;

Sounding of the Father’s heart,

chosen ere first dawn’s faint arc.


Side and stone hard pierced and rolled,

shepherd bleeds to bar His fold;

Death defanged on Easter morn,

our Victor’s crown captives adorn.


Alive in Christ to die no more,

raised with Him to heaven’s shore;

Seated, we His session share,

sing Hallelujah, Savior fare.


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  1. Chesney permalink

    I LOVE this! The second stanza was my favorite-thanks for sharing!

  2. Mark permalink

    Awesome! My heart is stirred with this beautiful truth!

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