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The Skinny

This is the most viewed page on the blog so far – so I thought I should finally put something in here! It is always a trip trying to figure out what visitors would really care to know about me and where I am coming from. Would you, for example, rather know that I am a Charismatic, Calvinistic Complimentarian, or that I pastor a vibrant young church, am blessed with extremely cute kids (the credit goes to my wife!), and don’t particularly like cats?! It is those kinds of questions that can keep a guy up at night! And trying to answer all the options can lead to a reeeeeaaallly long “about” post! So send me some questions in the comment boxes and I’ll do my best to help you get a feel for who you are reading.


  1. Sarah Van Dyke permalink

    Okay, here goes…

    1) Top five books (fiction or non-fiction)

    2) What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

    3) 3 people (non-family) who have had a significant influence on you.

    4)What cd is in your car right now?

    Just a few to get started with…:)

  2. brushep permalink

    1. Top Five Book (outside the Bible!) in no particular order: The Cost of Discipleship, Windows of the Soul, Desiring God, Polishing God’s Monuments, Religious Affections (five is way too short a list – could have easily included: Mark of the Lion series, Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, Knowing God, The Cross of Christ, and The Freedom of the Will)

    2. Favorite thing to do in my spare time: get outside and play with the family!

    3. 3 influential people (living, I assume!): Mike Bickle, John Piper, Steve Carpenter

    4. cd in my car right now: Jesus Saves – Travis Cottrell

  3. Kaki Hurley permalink

    I loved this section of the blog and i love S.VD’s 5 questions. I read a little of your blog today and being honest i have to stop and think a lot so i take them in stride! But i did come up with a few questions to go along with Sarah’s.
    1. If you could take someone’s place in history who would it be?

    2. If you could take your family and live with one of those influential people for a year – which one would it be?

    3. And What is the most amazing thing you have learned about Devon so far?

    4. And if you could spend hours studying any topic in the Bible – what would it be?

    5. What is your favorite thing to play outside?

    • brushep permalink

      Ok Kaki, thanks for your questions! Here is a first go at some answers:

      (1) This is an impossible question! How about we do it like this: In the first century, Paul. In the second, Ignatius. The third has nobody I’m interested in replacing (!) so I’ll list two in the fourth, Athanasius and Augustine! The fifth, anyone who attended the Council of Chalcedon – even a fly. The sixth through the tenth are pretty dark, but in the eleventh I’d pick Anselm. The twelfth, Bernard of Clairvaux. The thirteenth, Thomas Aquinas. The fourteenth, John Wycliffe. The fifteenth, probably John Huss. The sixteenth, it would be a toss up between Luther and Calvin. The seventeenth, one of the Puritans who came to the “new world”. The eighteenth, Jonathan Edwards. The nineteenth, William Wilberforce. The twentieth is tough – how do you choose between an allied solider storming Normandy, Dietrich Bonhoeffer leading the Church Struggle in Germany, or D Martyn Lloyd Jones preaching in Westminster Chapel?! I don’t! The twenty-first, I would be me…or John Piper if I couldn’t be me!

      (2) Alive right now? I would be moving in with pastor Piper!

      (3) She is, like my Lord, at the same time both a lion and a lamb.

      (4) God’s Person as it is revealed in His saving work.

      (5) Any sport that involves throwing and hitting a ball/disc/orb etc! I love outdoors sports, they are a fun bonding experience for me and whoever is on the other end of the flying object.

  4. Candy Hale permalink

    ummm…what exactly is a “Calvanistic Complimentarian”?

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